Today, thanks to the data and information collected through the MyRounding application, hospitals that have implemented nurse manager rounds and hourly nurse rounding have realized incredible outcomes and improvements in four key areas:
Benefits of Patient Rounding

Beyond improvements in HCAHPS, there are many other benefits. Here are just a few examples:
· The number of call lights is reduced by more than half.
· We see a reduced number of complaints related to pain
· We see increased employee satisfaction
· We see increased staff productivity – especially among nurses
· We see increased satisfaction among the nursing staff, and they directly correlate that to their ability to control and deliver better patient care.
With nurse leader rounding and hourly rounding practices in place, patients and their families are happier and feel that staff is more accessible. There are fewer complaints and we see gains in HCAHPS scores across the board.
With MyRounding, nurses become more proactive in their care and less reactive. This shift allows units to function better and produces not only happier patients but also happier and more engaged staff. Nurses feel that they have more time to take care of their primary care duties and activities and spend less time on administrative paperwork.


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