MyRounding revolutionizes rounding by creating real-time visibility and accountability into the rounds for administrators and the staff conducting the rounds. Administrators have visibility into how many rounds have been conducted and instant reporting at their fingertips. Rounders can see how many rounds they have conducted and respond to assigned issues.

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Rounding on physicians by members of the hospital management team has been proven to greatly increase physician engagement.

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On average, hospitals using the MyRounding technology increase patient satisfaction scores by 30% to 40%.

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Nurses spend over a third of their time in a day on documentation. MyRounding gives them back this time to focus back on the patient. This leads to a significant reduction in falls and pressure ulcers.

Physician Engagement

Hospitals using the MyRounding platform have seen physician engagement increase and physician satisfaction levels increase by more than 35%. The key to generating physician engagement is through extensive communication and by establishing trust. Physicians want to be included in the conversation and be part of the decision-making process. The way to best accomplish this is through structured rounding and conversations.
MyRounding is the leading platform and application that was designed with this very engagement strategy in mind. Hospital executives must understand the goals and desires of the medical staff and, conversely, the medical staff must understand the goals and interests of the organization. MyRounding allows this to happen in a seamless and easy-to-use way. Rounding with physicians via MyRounding is a robust, transparent process of sharing data.

Satisfaction and HCAHPS

One of the leading reasons that hospitals utilize the MyRounding application is to increase HCAHPS scores and increase levels of satisfaction. On average, hospitals using the MyRounding technology increase patient satisfaction scores by 30% to 40%.
The reason this increase occurs is due to the ability of nurses to instantly create, track and manage issues for service recovery efforts. Immediately at their fingertips is the ability to assign an issue to anyone within the organization. Patients’ needs and concerns are addressed instantly.

Outcomes and Productivity

Rounding can increase staff productivity by 45%, because call light presses are reduced. With MyRounding, nurses have time to take care of their patients again because there is no longer rounding paperwork or manual data entry. Patient outcomes have been positively increased by 33%. The two main causes for lengthened patient stay – pressure ulcers and patient falls – are greatly reduced from using MyRounding.

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