With Rounding, It's More About Experience Than Questions

Patient perception of quality of care and stay are becoming increasingly more important in today's healthcare landscape. With resources and staffing remaining stagnant, it's tough to justify reallocating more resources and time to focus on this issue alone. However, by just shifting to a culture where leaders carve out a little extra time to round with every patient at least once during their hospital stay, leaders can reduce issues later on in the patient's stay thus saving themselves time that they would later use being reactive and simultaneously increasing HCAHPS scores. In one example we look at, a hospital increased their HCAHPS score by 220%!


In this guide, you will learn:

  • Tools for maximizing results
  • How spending more time rounding will free up other parts of your day
  • Cultural shifts that can increase HCAHPS
  • And much more!


In this eBook, patient experience expert Steve Bachtel walks us through small process improvements that can return huge gains in patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores. 


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