Impactful Rounding

Building a round template can be a daunting task, let alone building an effective rounding template. Make sure your rounding initiatives stick and collect the data you really want by utilizing our Effective Rounding Template how-to guide and printable cheatsheet poster. 


This kit includes:

  • A short how-to guide walking you through three important stages to building an effective rounding template. Stages include: 
    • How many questions should I be asking? 
    • Which questions should I be asking?
    • Am I asking getting the most out of my rounding questions? 
  • A high-level printable poster with graphics illustrating the processes covered in the guide. Print it out and hang it in your environment or have it on hand for reference when building new or updating existing templates. 
  • And much more!


Rounding done properly leads to more time to focus on things that truly matter instead of constantly dealing with issues. Download our Effective Rounding Template kit and make sure your rounding templates are doing the heavy lifting for you!


Download the kit by filling out the form. 



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Purposeful Rounding Questions Webinar
Printable Rounding Infographics & How-to Guide Kit