You know how other companies like to talk about changing the world or making a difference? Well… that’s what we actually do everyday. We make, sell, and support the tools that help the healthcare quality rubber hit the road. When our customers use our stuff, they get better at what they do. And, when OUR customers are doing happier, better work, THEIR customers (patients) come home healthier and happier. While we’re doing this exciting work, we’re also having a lot of fun. Heck, we just had puppies crawling all over the place… what’s more fun than puppies? So, if you want to help us create some real positive change AND play with puppies, give us a call. We’d like to meet you.



SENIOR/LEAD software engineer

Sr./Lead full stack Software Developer developing detailed, complex technical solutions to support and enhance our Healthcare websites using a variety of software applications, techniques, tools, and scripting languages. We value individuals who are resourceful problem solvers, craft clean and optimized code, use industry standard practices, are well-organized and are committed to doing things right. We are dynamic and driven in a fast-paced environment of multiple deadlines and multiple projects. We are seeking an individual who has a positive attitude, a passion for learning and is committed to remaining current on new techniques and trends while remaining highly practical. We encourage personal growth through continuing education and training and promote the sharing of ideas and opinions in an open and enthusiastic environment.


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