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MACRA View: Driving Revenue Through the Practice Lens (Video)


Starting this year, Medicare reimbursements will be decided based on new criteria centered around value-based care and the patient experience. This experience begins well before a patient walks through your door and can end in repercussions felt for years via online and in-person reviews. 

MACRA: Will You be Ready?


Understanding MACRA changes are especially important for medical groups to reach and maintain the most effective and efficient versions of themselves. We are all striving to find the perfect balance to define best practices. In this blog, let’s examine a few different views on MACRA, including:

Reduce Errors in Healthcare (Video)


Turning your organization into a high reliability organization just makes sense. Implementing predictable behaviors and reliable processes create a culture that strives to achieve error-free performance and safety in every procedure, every time. This increases safety and satisfaction for both patients and staff while reducing costs and improving clinical results. 

Insights: 4 Ways to Improve Quality of Care, Lower Readmissions

As quality ratings become a larger piece of the payment structure from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), healthcare providers must make quality of care a greater priority and focus on reducing the number of avoidable readmissions. Hazel Seabrook, RN, MBA and David Marshall wrote the white paper, "Four Ways to Improve Care Delivery Across the Continuum" where they walk you through some of the most important aspects of a healthcare organization that can improve quality ratings and increase CMS reimbursements. Topics include: 

Simple Rounding Shifts Can Increase Patient Experience (Video)


Sometimes you won't know that your patients are experiencing issues that you could easily remedy – like aggressive birds at the hospital entry – until after they've left and submitted their HCAHPS surveys. Join rounding experts Steve Bachtel and Michael Niederhauser as they discuss how with a few simple steps you can increase your rounding practices to help unearth common issues, address them quickly, and otherwise maximize your return on rounding. 

The Secret is Within Your Team (Video)


Multidisciplinary care coordination and rounding can be hugely beneficial to an organization on every level. In an interview-style webinar, Steve Bachtel, Chief Commercial Officer for MyRounding and 20-year patient experience and healthcare veteran, will lead Chad Kellogg, Managing Director for Huron Consulting Group and 15-year clinical operations expert, through multidisciplinary care coordination best practices and advantages. 

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