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04 Dec 2014


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Infographic: MyRounding Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, we took a look back on how our customers have been using MyRounding and organized it into the following infographic.

07 Nov 2014


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Centralized Rounding Tool

Health care facilities are increasingly driven by technology. EHR systems (Electronic Health Records) alone have transformed the way providers care for patients and the way patients can learn and care for themselves. This sort of technological transformation has been key to the major advances healthcare has seen in the past decade. However, too much technology can be just as overwhelming and disorganized as too little. MyRounding has simplified and organized every kind of rounding into one centralized solution.

23 Oct 2014


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New and Improved - MyRounding 3.0

We've been hard at work to take MyRounding to the next level. The 3.0 update has made rounding with the MyRounding platform even more powerful and intuitive to capture real-time data during hourly-patient, nurse and physician rounding.

23 Oct 2014


Our Application

Hyperlapse: 3.0 Update


We got a little creative during out late-night work session, cranking out the 3.0 update. Welcome to MyRounding 3.0!

7 Ways MyRounding Can Improve your Rounding

MyRounding leads to dramatic gains in patient experience scores and physician engagement. It also gives nurses back the time they spend filling out rounding paperwork and analyzing hard-copy surveys. This mobile solution can improve your rounding through the following seven ways.
1. Visibility
View the rounds that are being conducted in your organization and real-time data from those rounds.

2. Accountability
Rounding staff can view how many round they have conducted and manage their assigned issues.

3. Use MyRounding Anywhere
Use any device to round on patients, staff, family or physicians. Use your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.

4. Configurable Survey Templates
MyRounding puts the control of content in your hands. Use our existing library of patient-centered rounding templates or create your own questions, surveys and audits.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Rounding

If you've been rounding in your healthcare facility for years or you are just starting out, these 10 rounding tips will help you round more efficiently and effectively. Want an in-depth guide to these rounding strategies? Check out our free eBook here.

1. Recognize and Reward

It is especially important to emphasize recognition and rewards when you are beginning to implement rounding. We like being told when we’re doing a good job, and it makes us want to keep doing it. When you’re rounding, reward those who are doing a good job—whether it’s a staff member or a physician—by publicly recognizing them.

2. Listen and Learn

The purpose of rounding is to gauge the concerns, complaints and compliments of patients and staff. Sometimes this is hard to listen to and learn from, but it is an essential part of rounding. How well we listen has a major impact on the effectiveness of our rounds and the quality of the relationships we develop with staff, patients and physicians.

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