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7 Steps to Better Patient Rounding (Video)


Are you looking for guidance or tips on how to improve your current nurse leader patient rounding practices? Are you struggling to meet rounding goals? Join us for a 30-minute webinar as we walk through simple rounding best practices that we and others have witnessed work wonders within organizations of all sizes, starting with creating a strong patient connection.  

04 Feb 2016

Sarah Thomsen

Nurse Rounding

How to Implement Nurse Rounding in 30 Days

Rounding has emerged as a best practice for top-performing hospitals seeking to raise HCAHPS scores and develop a true patient-centered culture. If you're starting the process of developing a rounding program, or are trying to improve your existing nurse rounding procedure, it might seem like a daunting task that will take months and months to complete. In fact, we have seen many organizations get a strong nurse rounding program up and going in just 30 days.

06 Jan 2016

Sarah Thomsen

Nurse Rounding

How To Improve Nurse Rounding Communication Composite Scores

Because the nurse-patient relationship sets the tone for perceptions about the overall care experience, hospitals that prioritize strategies to enhance nurse-patient communication are more likely to have high HCAHPS scores. In fact, perceptions about the quality of nurse communication are the most impactful to patient's overall impression of your hospital and to their willingness to recommend it to friends and family.

28 Dec 2015

Sarah Thomsen

Nurse Rounding

5 Trends to Consider in Nurse Rounding For 2016

Purposeful nurse rounding has emerged as one of the best proactive tools to improve patient satisfaction, safety and quality of care. Many studies have proven that when applied consistently throughout an organization, nurse rounding can lead to increased levels of patient, staff, and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, other studies have concluded that well-designed nurse rounding leads to better clinical outcomes, such as reduced falls and pressure sores, lower use of call lights, and decreased readmissions.

07 Dec 2015

Sarah Thomsen

Nurse Rounding

Nursing Safety: 6 Things To Keep In Mind

In today's healthcare environment, stress is an inescapable part of the job. We're particularly talking to you nurses. We know how hard you try to balance the clinical and compassionate care you provide to patients, while juggling a wide range of regulatory and documentation requirements, often with less than optimal support, staff and resources. When the job demands start to overwhelm, you may begin to neglect your own health and well-being in an effort to provide care to your patients.

15 Oct 2015

Sarah Thomsen

Hospital, Nurse Rounding

4 Ways To Improve Nurse & Doctor Composite Scores

Since its introduction several years ago, the HCAHPS survey has become the key standard by which healthcare organizations are judged. Positive patient satisfaction/patient experience has been linked to better outcomes, greater physician loyalty, increased adherence to treatment plans and a higher likelihood of recommending your organization and/or staff and physicians.

29 Sep 2015

Sarah Thomsen

Nurse Rounding

4 Rounding Nurse Duties that Affect Your HCAHPS Scores

Nurses spend the most time with patients, and so it should come as no surprise that their quality of care has a major impact on HCAHPS scores and the overall patient experience. In fact, the ‘nurse communication’ composite score has been identified as having the single greatest effect on how highly patients rate their overall hospital experience. Common sense tells us that when nurses deliver consistently excellent and compassionate care, the outcome is likely to be higher satisfaction with care.

20 Aug 2015

David Marshall

Rounding Best Practices, Nurse Rounding

3 Proven Nurse Rounding Best Practices

Nurse rounding is a structured and standardized activity that is specifically designed to increase levels of engagement and communication between two individuals. In healthcare settings, this activity is commonly practiced between members of the leadership team and front-line staff, nurses, and physicians. Also, daily and hourly rounding on patients by nurses has become an evidence-based best practice in the delivery of safe, reliable and effective care. 


Many recent studies have proven that when applied consistently throughout an organization, nurse rounding can directly lead to increased levels of patient, staff, and employee satisfaction. Also, it results in better patient outcomes and dramatic cost savings. The following three ways outline best practices to take your rounding to the next level.

10 Aug 2015

Sarah Thomsen

Nurse Rounding

4 Skills Every Rounding Nurse Needs to Master

Today’s hospital is an incredibly busy place, and increasingly demanding of nurses who are expected to provide excellent patient care while mastering new technologies, as well as adapt to changing reporting, regulatory and administrative requirements. It’s no wonder that some surveys of nursing today point out the high level of stress in the job. Yet, nursing is also a very satisfying and fulfilling profession because of the compassionate care and medical knowledge that nurses bring to the patient bedside.

10 Jul 2015

Sarah Thomsen

Nurse Rounding

5 Signs Its Time to Reevaluate Your Nurse Rounding Practices

Nurse rounding practices are intended to help nurses engage more frequently with patients, identify safety issues, and efficiently find patient-care solutions. In addition, good rounding processes improve staff morale and promote nursing teamwork.

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