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25 Oct 2018

Steve Bachtel

HCAHPS, Webinar, Improving HCAHPS, Value-Based Purchasing

Utilizing HCAHPS Variables to Win VBP (Video)



HCAHPS are an important part of VBP, but the process for calculating VBP is complicated if not indecipherable. This can make it difficult to understand how efforts to improve HCAHPS scores actually affect VBP.

Announcing New CE Webinar Series!


We were recently approached by the Texas Alliance for Patient Services (TAPS) with the idea of hosting a webinar. As we were discussing hot topics that they've seen a need or desire for education around, we realized that we have a team of experts who could present on many of them. That got us thinking... why present just one webinar when we could partner for four?

12 Jul 2018

Katie Anthony

HCAHPS, Webinar, Value-Based Purchasing

Next Level HCAHPS (Video)


Struggling to take your HCAHPS to the next level? You're not alone. In today's complex world it can be tough to make a meaningful impact. 


Improving HCAHPS: Doctor Communication (Video)


Studies have shown that higher scores on the "doctors explaining information" HCAHPS question correlate with lower risk for readmission. By using effective communication skills, physicians have the unique opportunity to directly impact patient outcomes and bottom line business performance.


Moving HCAHPS With Change Psychology (Video)


Too often managers tackle improvement projects by focusing on strategy, structure, culture, or systems. While these are important elements, change psychology tells us that data-only arguments aren't nearly as compelling as emotionally-based arguments, especially to the front line.

18 Feb 2016

Sarah Thomsen


5 Change Management Techniques That Increase Your HCAHPS Scores

Way back around 500 BC, a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus made a statement that still resonates: "Everything changes and nothing stands still." (Today we say 'the only constant in life is change'.) Time moves on, bringing changes in our personal lives, workplace, career and the wider world around us.

27 Jan 2016

Sarah Thomsen


6 Reasons Quality of Patient Care Improves HCAHPS

High-quality care results in part from a committed effort by all caregivers to create an environment where patients feel comfortable, listened to, and a participant in care decisions. HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores have become an embedded part of measuring the patient's hospital visit, and these ratings impact hospital reimbursement levels. While it's tempting for some physicians and hospital executives to downplay the value of HCAHPS scores in assessing quality of care, this opinion isn't borne out by an increasing number of well-designed studies investigating the association between patient satisfaction scores and quality of care.

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