The Surprising Truth About Engaging Millennials (Video)

04 Oct 2018

Jess Jones, CHFP

Webinar, Employee Engagement, Millennials



The Millennial generation is a driving force in today’s workforce with countless opinions on the behavior of Millennials, what they want from their jobs and how to engage them on your team. But what is true and what is myth?


In this webinar, we’ll seek to separate fact from fiction and provide some tactical ways a leader can engage the Millennials they work with every day!





Jess Jones, CHFP

Managing Director | Huron Consulting Group

Jess has 16 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.  With an education in Psychology, Information Systems, and Telecommunications, she has long been passionate about communication and people interactions and has devoted most of her career to using these skills to address challenges in the healthcare industry.  She has led performance improvement efforts across healthcare operational areas, architecting solutions to healthcare problems that combine people, technology, and process to effect revenue improvement, cost reduction, and increased clinical throughput, all with a focus on rigorous change management to support sustainability.  She has worked in multiple provider settings, including large multi-facility health systems, academic medical centers, physician practices, community hospitals, and pediatric center environments, to help her clients achieve significant financial and operational benefit in revenue improvement and cost savings.


Katie Anthony

Marketing Manager | MyRounding, a Huron solution

Katie manages content creation and marketing for the MyRounding team. She has a wide background of marketing expertise including graphic design, campaign strategy, and event planning. For close to a decade, Katie has specialized in the healthcare and technology industries, working with clients like MGMA, Studer Group, and Hewlett Packard. Katie holds a Master of Management Practice in Marketing and Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design from Colorado State University. 

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