Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections (Video)



What if we told you that up to 70 percent of healthcare-associated infections are preventable… and that you already have access to much of the mission-critical information required to fight them? 



Watch our 30-minute webinar (plus 15-minute Q&A) to discuss how healthcare-associated infections can be greatly reduced using methods and data that you already have.


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to shift employee thinking to help mitigate HAI risks
  • How to collect and use real-time data as the front line of defense against HAIs
  • Which simple rounding strategies can be used to reduce HAIs no matter your rounding method
  • And much more!

Join our panel of rounding experts to learn more about creating safe patient environments through rounding and audit initiative.


Interested in the presentation slides? Download them here

 Healthcare-Associated Infections eBook





Steve Bachtel

Chief Commercial Director, MyRounding

Steve has been consulting with health systems, hospitals, and physician’s groups for almost 20 years. Steve’s expertise includes leveraging outcomes to drive patient volume, perfect culture and process to improve patient experience, and engage patient populations pre-, point-, and post-care. Steve’s professional and graduate research work has prepared him to be a thought leader in the healthcare technology space.


Nikole Wagar, RN, MSN

Customer Experience Clinical Leader, MyRounding

Nikole brings over 10 years nursing experience to MyRounding and is passionate about leveraging technology to give time back to nurses and the entire care team. She has a diverse healthcare background working in a variety of settings including, acute care, rehabilitation, education, and training. As a nursing leader, she has a personal connection with rounding. She develops and hardwires best practices and provides nursing support and education. Nikole received her Masters of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Education from Western Governors University.


Cassie Von Minden

Customer Experience Lead, MyRounding

Cassie brings over 5 years of healthcare experience to MyRounding. Her expertise includes working with healthcare teams to improve the quality of patient and staff experience by analyzing data and designing action plans to meet their goals across the continuum. Cassie holds a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Kansas State University where she was a high jumper on the track team.