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Improving HCAHPS: Doctor Communication (Video)


Studies have shown that higher scores on the "doctors explaining information" HCAHPS question correlate with lower risk for readmission. By using effective communication skills, physicians have the unique opportunity to directly impact patient outcomes and bottom line business performance.


Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections (Video)


What if we told you that up to 70 percent of healthcare-associated infections are preventable… and that you already have access to much of the mission-critical information required to fight them? 


Successful Rounding Implementation (Video)


Have you been achieving the desired results from your rounding initiative? Is rounding hardwired into your organization's culture? 


Rounding extends beyond simply asking questions. Truly effective rounding begins with executive buy-in and creates a cultural shift. Join us for a 30-minute webinar (plus 15-minute Q&A) to learn how to implement rounding to get the most from the initiative.

Asking Purposeful Rounding Questions (Video)


Effective rounding begins with your template questions. 


Are you asking the right questions in your rounds? Do you even know what the right questions are? 

Removing the Technology Barrier When Rounding


The inclusion of technology in rounding can be daunting at first glance but a few simple steps can transform you into an iPad all-star. If you keep an open mind and are willing to learn, you will discover that technology is going to save you time and take your rounding to new levels.

7 Steps to Better Patient Rounding (Video)


Are you looking for guidance or tips on how to improve your current nurse leader patient rounding practices? Are you struggling to meet rounding goals? Join us for a 30-minute webinar as we walk through simple rounding best practices that we and others have witnessed work wonders within organizations of all sizes, starting with creating a strong patient connection.  

Moving HCAHPS With Change Psychology (Video)


Too often managers tackle improvement projects by focusing on strategy, structure, culture, or systems. While these are important elements, change psychology tells us that data-only arguments aren't nearly as compelling as emotionally-based arguments, especially to the front line.

MACRA View: Driving Revenue Through the Practice Lens (Video)


Starting this year, Medicare reimbursements will be decided based on new criteria centered around value-based care and the patient experience. This experience begins well before a patient walks through your door and can end in repercussions felt for years via online and in-person reviews. 

MACRA: Will You be Ready?


Understanding MACRA changes are especially important for medical groups to reach and maintain the most effective and efficient versions of themselves. We are all striving to find the perfect balance to define best practices. In this blog, let’s examine a few different views on MACRA, including:

Data Analytics: Staying Ahead of Healthcare’s IT Wave


Take a second to think about the world’s greatest resources, what comes to mind? Your answers could range anywhere from oil to soil, though I’d venture to say that data never percolates to the top of that list. Within the next decade, our society will see a prolific changing of the guard, a change that will make data one of the most valuable resources on Earth. Why does this matter to you? More importantly, why does healthcare’s use of this data matter to you? Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, every person on this planet is an employee in the field of healthcare; whether that be as a patient, provider, or associated third party, we all play a role.

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