MACRA View: Driving Revenue Through the Practice Lens (Video)



Starting this year, Medicare reimbursements will be decided based on new criteria centered around value-based care and the patient experience. This experience begins well before a patient walks through your door and can end in repercussions felt for years via online and in-person reviews. 


This webinar covers:

  • Succeed under MACRA with simple brand management and rounding strategies.
  • Adhere to MACRA guidelines to ensure maximum reimbursement while driving top line revenue growth and a great patient experience.
  • Evaluate and choose the best tools and solutions to proactively drive success.


Join Tod Baker of MDValuate and Steve Bachtel, experts on physician brand and patient experience, for a webinar that will provide you with tangible, refreshing approaches to an overhyped and unnecessarily confusing topic. 


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Tod Baker

Chief Executive Officer, MDValuate

Tod has worked with group practice and hospital executives for more than 20 years, developing consumer acquisition strategies, helping improve quality of care, increasing revenues, and reducing costs. Tod launched MDValuate to help healthcare leaders easily design and manage their physician networks by accessing and understanding the enormous amounts of physician performance data spread across disparate databases.


Steve Bachtel

Chief Commercial Director, MyRounding

Steve has been consulting with health systems, hospitals, and physician’s groups for almost 20 years. Steve’s expertise includes leveraging outcomes to drive patient volume, perfect culture and process to improve patient experience, and engage patient populations pre-, point-, and post-care. Steve’s professional and graduate research work has prepared him to be a thought leader in the healthcare technology space.