Insights: Patient Experience Extends to the Bill

One Patient Bill White Paper

As much as I dislike going to the doctor or hospital, I generally dislike the bill that comes later even more. That’s not because of the charge total, per say which is often mind boggling, but rather because they arrive at my house in an unspecified number of envelopes filled with confusing medical codes and healthcare jargon often over the course of several months, and typically coming from several different doctors or groups. It’s confusing just talking about it. How is the average patient supposed to successfully navigate these hazy waters when they don’t know if they have the complete or accurate picture of what they are being billed?


Moving to a single patient bill system can help clear up much of this confusion for patients, often creating a better patient experience as well as increased loyalty.


Now, I know healthcare systems might be thinking how difficult this is going to be to implement. Let’s start with the big picture: it can help to consolidate customer service resources and increase staffing efficiencies, both helping to improve margins and collection speed. So the benefits are there but it’s also imperative to get all impacted areas to buy into the change and create clear processes early on.


Read the whitepaper “Chasing the Single Patient Bill to Improve the Patient Experience, Yield Cost Savings the Patient Experience, Yield Cost Savingsby James Hillenmeyer and Malik Shah of Huron to learn more about:

  • The experiences of other systems who have already implemented single patient billing
  • How systems have seen the shift improve their bottom line
  • Strategies that you can utilize to improve your patient experience via streamlining interaction with healthcare providers


Remember, the patient experience starts before they walk in the door and ends well after they walk out of it. 






James Hillenmeyer

Managing Director, Huron


James has nearly 15 years of hospital and physician revenue cycle consulting experience. He has managed engagements in a variety of environments, including academic medical centers, multi-facility health systems, community hospitals and physician group practices.


Maulik Shah

Director, Huron

Maulik works with clients to ensure that EHR systems are configured to meet operational, strategic and revenue goals, with a specialization in conversions to Single Billing Office (SBO) or Central Billing Office (CBO). He began his career at Epic Systems Corporation as a resolute hospital billing project manager and held various leadership and advisory roles.


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