High Reliability in Healthcare (Video)



A High Reliability Organization (HRO) is an organization with predictable and repeatable systems in place that allow for the consistent execution of operations while catching and correcting potentially catastrophic errors. 


In healthcare specifically, HRO is a term that has come to represent the elimination of unwarranted variation in the delivery of care – thereby increasing levels of patient safety while improving clinical results and reducing costs. The term “high reliability” describes an organizational culture that strives to achieve error-free performance and safety in every procedure, every time. Even when operating in complex, high-risk, or hazardous environments, high reliability organizations (HROs) sustain a nearly unblemished safety record over many years.


In this webinar, we discuss high reliability as it pertains to healthcare and how healthcare organizations can start their journey towards high reliability and a culture of zero harm. 


Watch the video on-demand:






Taylor Kennedy
Product Manager, HRO | Huron

Taylor has more than a decade of experience catalyze change needed to address major safety, cost, access and coordination problems plaguing healthcare today. Focus includes high reliability, strategic analysis, product management and business development. Outside of work Taylor is an avid golfer, enjoys time in the mountains skiing and mountain biking, and races sail boats.


Katie Anthony

Marketing Manager | MyRounding, a Huron 

Katie manages content creation and marketing for the MyRounding team. She has a wide background of marketing expertise including graphic design, campaign strategy, and event planning. For close to a decade, Katie has specialized in the healthcare and technology industries, working with clients like MGMA, Studer Group, and Hewlett Packard. Katie holds a Master of Management Practice in Marketing and Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design from Colorado State University. 

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