7 Steps to Better Patient Rounding (Video)



Are you looking for guidance or tips on how to improve your current nurse leader patient rounding practices? Are you struggling to meet rounding goals? Join us for a 30-minute webinar as we walk through simple rounding best practices that we and others have witnessed work wonders within organizations of all sizes, starting with creating a strong patient connection.  


In this webinar you will learn:

  • The seven steps in our proven rounding journey
  • Simple practices to create meaningful patient connections
  • Why strong nurse leader rounding is essential
  • Tips for getting beyond the rounding technology hurdle


 While this webinar is geared towards nurse leader rounding, many of these strategies can be applied towards other types of rounding. This process is also the subject of our free Nurse Leader Rounding Kit, which includes multiple sizes of printable infographics (great for display at your nurses' station or breakroom!) and a rounding how-to guide. Download yours today!


Join Steve Bachtel and Michael Niederhauser, experts patient experience and change implementation, as they walk through tips and processes to improve your rounding process. 


Interested in the presentation slides? Find them at www.slideshare.net/MyRounding.



 Printable Rounding Infographics & How-to Guide Kit



Steve Bachtel

Chief Commercial Director, MyRounding

Steve has been consulting with health systems, hospitals, and physician’s groups for almost 20 years. Steve’s expertise includes leveraging outcomes to drive patient volume, perfect culture and process to improve patient experience, and engage patient populations pre-, point-, and post-care. Steve’s professional and graduate research work has prepared him to be a thought leader in the healthcare technology space.


Michael Niederhauser

Vice President of Customer Experience, MyRounding

Michael honed his information technology and change management skills with Accenture in Washington, D.C. He spent 10 years with a rural health non-profit bringing leading edge patient centered technology and education to underserved communities. Michael is also extremely proud of his service in the U.S. Peace Corps where he taught secondary math and conducted HIV / Malaria awareness programs.