Too busy… Addressing Burnout Through Proven Practices & Technology (Video)



Burnout is a growing threat to healthcare performance and outcomes. Healthcare leaders must understand factors within their control and leverage those factors to assist staff struggling with burnout. 


 Watch our 30-minute webinar(plus 15-minute Q&A) to learn how innovative technology can help you manage change and address employee burnout


In this webinar you will:

  • Explore strategies to more effectively hardwire engagement practices
  • Learn what burnout factors are within your control 
  • Discover the benefits of hardwiring engagement practices
  • Illustrate how technology can empower organizations to tackle burnout and set teams up for success
  • And much more!


Looking for the presentation slides? Download them here

Prevent Burnout Guide





Steve Bachtel

Chief Commercial Director, MyRounding  |  Senior Director, Huron

Steve has been consulting with health systems, hospitals, and physician’s groups for almost 20 years. Steve’s expertise includes leveraging outcomes to drive patient volume, perfect culture and process to improve patient experience, and engage patient populations pre-, point-, and post-care. Steve’s professional and graduate research work has prepared him to be a thought leader in the healthcare technology space.


Daniela Lockhard

Regional Director Partner Development, Huron – Studer Group

From the start of her 20-year journey in healthcare, Daniela has led with a strong passion for improving the patient experience by improving access and equity of care. She strongly believes that an engaged workforce that connects the ‘why’, an organization’s mission, vision and values, to the ‘what’ is critical to improving patient experience. Throughout her career, Daniela has led the business development efforts of several organizations including a global Health IT firm where she successfully grew its customer-base across Canada. 


Katie Anthony

Marketing Manager, MyRounding

Katie manages content creation and marketing for the MyRounding team. She has a wide background of marketing expertise including graphic design, campaign strategy, and event planning. For the past six years Katie has specialized in the healthcare and technology fields working with clients like MGMA, Studer Group, and Hewlett Packard. Katie holds a Master of Management Practice and Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design from Colorado State University. 

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