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High Reliability in Healthcare (Video)


A High Reliability Organization (HRO) is an organization with predictable and repeatable systems in place that allow for the consistent execution of operations while catching and correcting potentially catastrophic errors. 

Purposeful Rounding (Video)


Being proactive feels better and is more effective than being reactive. In this webinar, we will provide a high level overview of two types of leader rounding and describe how to use them to move from a reactive approach to a proactive approach in an effort impact patient and staff experience alike. 

31 Oct 2018

Katie Anthony

Healthcare Leadership, Communication

Are You Confidently Wrong?


In any process of change, long-held biases among colleagues can slow down acceptance and adoption. Science knows why: When someone has a long-held belief, they are unlikely to accept information that contradicts that belief. We're all vulnerable to this.

25 Oct 2018

Steve Bachtel

HCAHPS, Webinar, Improving HCAHPS, Value-Based Purchasing

Utilizing HCAHPS Variables to Win VBP (Video)



HCAHPS are an important part of VBP, but the process for calculating VBP is complicated if not indecipherable. This can make it difficult to understand how efforts to improve HCAHPS scores actually affect VBP.

04 Oct 2018

Jess Jones, CHFP

Webinar, Employee Engagement, Millennials

The Surprising Truth About Engaging Millennials (Video)



The Millennial generation is a driving force in today’s workforce with countless opinions on the behavior of Millennials, what they want from their jobs and how to engage them on your team. But what is true and what is myth?

Announcing New CE Webinar Series!


We were recently approached by the Texas Alliance for Patient Services (TAPS) with the idea of hosting a webinar. As we were discussing hot topics that they've seen a need or desire for education around, we realized that we have a team of experts who could present on many of them. That got us thinking... why present just one webinar when we could partner for four?

12 Jul 2018

Katie Anthony

HCAHPS, Webinar, Value-Based Purchasing

Next Level HCAHPS (Video)


Struggling to take your HCAHPS to the next level? You're not alone. In today's complex world it can be tough to make a meaningful impact. 


Too busy… Addressing Burnout Through Proven Practices & Technology (Video)


Burnout is a growing threat to healthcare performance and outcomes. Healthcare leaders must understand factors within their control and leverage those factors to assist staff struggling with burnout. 


23 Jan 2018

Katie Anthony

Webinar, effective rounding, rounding training

Effective Rounding 101: Video Training Curriculum (Video)


Purposeful rounding has been shown to increase patient satisfaction, decrease issue escalation, and improve employee morale. For those reasons, we've put together a Video Training Curriculum to help you train the do's and don'ts of effective rounding complete with example videos, worksheets, discussion questions, quizzes, and additional resources. 


Insights: The Emergence of Choice in Healthcare


It wasn't long ago that healthcare consumers went to the same doctor they had been seeing for 20 years and whichever specialists came recommended by that same doctor. Recently, consumers have been taking healthcare decisions into their own hands and selecting care providers based on online reviews and expected out-of-pocket costs. With this change comes a greater responsibility for providers to make scheduling efficient and easy, costs clear and concise, and the overall experience satisfactual. 

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