MyRounding is simple and easy to use.

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    Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

    MyRounding is an application that was created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. Why is this important? Because we understand how hard it can be to use technology in health care. Not any more!

    No matter how you are planning to use MyRounding, you can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. You are never more than one or two buttons away from being able to do what you want to do. Easy, fool-proof navigation and large, easy-to-read text makes it simple and easy to understand and use.

    We created MyRounding because we hated how hard it was for nurses and managers to do their work. We wanted to make it easy and simple. We did not want MyRounding to be another technology that nobody used because it made their lives more complicated and took too much time. When nurses learn to use MyRounding they are up and running and proficient within minutes – not days or weeks.



  • Scalable Solution

    A Scalable Solution

    MyRounding is designed so that you can roll this out for a few users or across an entire system or network of hospitals and facilities.

    MyRounding can grow as you grow. Whether you want to use the application in one department or one hundred, it is easy to set up and easy to use.

    Even if you have thousands of people using the myrounding application – no problem. Put as much data as you need onto our cloud-based platform. We don’t limit the number of users or the amount of data you collect.

    Want to add new facilities or users? No problem. You can easily add them through our administrative portal.

    If you want to see what is happening in a particular group of your facilities? No problem. The data and reports can be sliced and diced in a way that you want and in a way that makes most sense to you.



  • Reporting that is Powerful

    Reporting that is Powerful and Friendly

    Health care professions are inundated by data and reports. Most reports are hard-to-read and not actionable. MyRouding makes it easy to create your own reports with the data you want and generate easy-to-read reports.

    Whether you want your reports on the computer or sent to you by email, MyRounding makes it easy to look at the data and make sense of it.

    Look at your own data in real-time just by launching the application. Instantly see what you have done and what you need to do next.

    Want a report everyday? No problem. Want a report sent to you every week that summarizes the activity in your department or across your facility? No problem. MyRounding makes it easy to interpret and use the data you are collecting to make you more efficient and productive.



  • Accountability = Visibility

    Built-in Accountability

    Whether you are a CEO or a front line nurse, MyRounding will make your life easier and more productive.

    MyRounding makes it easy to view what you have done or need to do. It also, at the push of a button, you can see what is happening in real-time throughout your organization. This ability means that you can create accountability.

    Accountability means being able to assign an activity, monitor the progress and then view the result.

    MyRounding gives you the data to see who has rounded, when they rounded, where they rounded, and what was the data they collected.



  • Flexibility through Customization


    MyRounding allows you to be in control of your rounding and audit process. Select from a library of existing rounding templates and questionnaires, or simply and easily create your own.

    Easily create a custom scripts or questionnaires:

    • Create rounding templates
    • Create surveys
    • Create audit tools

    Use the MyRounding application for the following:

    • Leadership rounding
    • Joint Commission Readiness Rounds
    • Facilities management
    • Issue management
    • Magnet or Baldrige status checks
    • Internal auditing tools
    • Quality and patient safety checklists
  • HIPAA Compliant


    Your data is secure with MyRounding. Our application uses the industry’s highest standards when it comes to protecting your data and files.

    Want to use MyRounding to collect PHI? No problem. That’s why we are continuing to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to security.

    MyRounding continues to be one of the innovators that is recognized by industry experts as leading the way to improve security and enhance the reliability of data on mobile devices.

    Our team of qualified and experienced technology experts will work with your IT team to ensure that no data can ever be compromised. Leading health care systems and hospitals across the country are using MyRounding to help secure their mobile activities, integration and data collection.



Learn More: Watch a Video about MyRounding

See how MyRounding is used in hospital settings to increase levels of patient satisfaction.

HUron Acquires MyROunding 

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MyRounding is excited to announce that it has been acquired by Huron Consulting Group. The addition of MyRounding strengthens Huron’s cultural transformation services for healthcare providers and expands the integration of Huron’s software and consulting solutions.


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Want to know more?

Interested in learning more about how effective rounding initiatives put quality of care back on top of the priority heap? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you.

General Inquiries
877-503-9226 x1

Customer Support